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See Well, Be Well

Our motto at Dr. Jill’s Optical encompasses a holistic view of vision: see well, be well. But what do we mean by that? We stand by the notion that your vision plays a significant role in your overall health. 

When you prioritize your eyes and keep your visual health on track, it boosts your general well-being because you’re not struggling to use your sense of sight (arguably the most important of all the senses).

A visit to Dr. Jill means a thorough, holistic eye care appointment. She takes extra time to ask about your eye health history, of course, but also your digital habits, your detailed personal and family medical history, and your lifestyle. Since all of your answers paint a holistic picture, she can treat your eyes according to what you need. 

Our Vision & Mission

We promise to practice optometry in an ethical and compassionate manner, seeking to provide patients with the highest quality of optometric care possible in today’s environment.

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Dr. Jill Anderson


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We are kitty-corner to Opera House Square on the corner of High Avenue and Market Street. Walk to our location from anywhere downtown or find free 2-hour parking right out front. You can also park in The Grand Opera House parking lot adjacent to our building.

Our Address

  • 101 High Avenue
  • Oshkosh, WI 54901

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Hours Of Operation

  • Monday: 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM 1:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


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