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How Much Screen Time Are You Getting?

There’s no doubt that digital devices make our lives more convenient, but the time we spend using them is starting to add up. In 2021, researchers found that 46% of us spend between 5–6 hours a day on a device. That’s a lot of time!

In some cases, using these devices for long periods of time could lead to uncomfortable eye symptoms, like redness, teariness, and irritation. If you’ve experienced this before, you might be facing an issue known as digital eye strain.

Dr. Jill and her team are here to help. Whether you’re working on that final report for school or getting caught up with your favorite TV show, we want you to enjoy your eyesight. 

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The Many Sources of Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is an uncomfortable issue that may develop whenever you spend too much time looking at an up-close digital screen. What makes digital eye strain unique compared to “regular” eye strain is the number of factors that can lead to symptoms.

The lighting in your room, your screen brightness, and even the way you sit at your desk can all contribute to digital eye strain. 

You may find relief from taking regular breaks, but eye strain may also indicate another issue that needs addressing. Eye exams can determine what’s causing your symptoms and help you find the relief you need!

Managing Your Symptoms

Digital eye strain is an uncomfortable, disruptive condition—but solutions are available!

Like all of our services, we always recommend having a comprehensive eye exam before providing any treatments. 

There are several factors that can contribute to your digital eye strain symptoms. Eye exams allow us to personalize a treatment plan unique to your needs, like dry eye therapy or prescribing eyeglasses and contacts.

In some cases, you may be able to manage your symptoms using some simple at-home strategies. Please be sure to contact us if you’re experiencing frequent eye strain—we’ll be happy to help!

See More Comfortably

Digital eye strain has to be an issue. Please be sure to contact us if you’re experiencing frequent eye strain—we’ll be happy to help!

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